HPHT and CVD Diamond | Depth Comparison


Synthetic gems have passed more than 50 years in commercial lines. Just many years ago, people usually took those. But another hesitancy was found between HPHT and CVD.Even some people hear about this thing for the first time when they go to the market to buy diamond goods. But here we are, your hesitancy breaker. On a quick note – both are the different procedures to make a diamond in the laboratory. In the market, both CVD and HPHT diamonds are available. Understanding and choosing the correct item is important before buying. Deep of everything, it has more scientific stuff. Could you keep reading to know more about it?

Introduce and getting know

HPHT Diamond: This is a lab-made diamond where high pressure is the first condition to grow diamond from carbon. The full form of HPHT is high pressure and high temperature. This is the first and oldest type of diamond which have found in the laboratory. This was the very basic form of the diamond. But last 40 years it has more research to develop this thing and getting more developed.

CVD Diamond: Chemical vapored diamond or CVD is another type of manufactured gem in the laboratory. This is the latest way to make diamonds in the laboratory where the gas mixture got elevated at 900 to 1200°C temperature to turn into diamond. This type of diamond is a bit cheaper, and behind these items, lots of research is running to make more variation.

Difference between HPHT and CVD

#Color: First but most important issue is visualization. Diamond should be good-looking to be a precious one. Different type of gems has different classes of color patterns. HPHT follows the geometric color zoning. On the other hand, CVD follows an even color distribution pattern.

#Shape: Interestingly, this is possible to define the shape of any synthetic diamond before grow. The HPHT god the cuboctahedron shape according to its making procedure. Clean and Cubic shape is for CVD type diamond. This is true after making the diamond. People can change a bit in its shape. But predefined shaping is more important to stop the waste of diamonds.

#Expense: In HPHT vs CVD, the expense mentions the huge differentiate. In the procedure of HPHT, diamonds are a bit expensive. But chemical vaporing is not complex and is cost-friendly. This is the reason it is possible to produce less expensive diamonds in this process.

#Patterns: The glamour of any diamond mostly depends on its inner pattern. HPHT diamond got a graining pattern. But in CVD, diamonds follow the non-graining pattern. Even international certification agencies like IGI and GIA are taking this pattern as a huge parameter. 30% or crystallites and reflective index depend on this pattern.

#Metallic Inclusion: to make the diamond in the laboratory, metallic Inclusion is too much important. HPHT got metallic Inclusion where it needs to face more high temperature and high pressure. But for CVD diamond, there needs to be graphite or other mineral Inclusion to grow in the laboratory.

Common Similarities of both

Interestingly there, we found some common similarities. Both of the diamonds are similarly chemically the same. Of course, they are made of carbon particles. Another important thing is fluorescence, which mentions the glamour of the diamond. Both of them contain unusual fluorescence. Related another thing is phosphorescence which mentions the intact light by the diamond. This is also similar (occasional phosphorescence) for both items. All over the world, different types of people take different types of diamonds depending on their taste, but both HPHT and CVD have demand. The best thing is knowing properly about different diamonds before buying them.

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