Eight Certifications Recognized Internationally


Founded in 1904, it is the world’s leading professional accounting group, with real international character. ACCA professional qualification is considered to be a legal accountant in the UK, Europe and other major countries in the world. The members can become certified accountants and are allowed by law to engage in professional accountants such as audit, tax, bankruptcy enforcement and investment consultant.

Time of entering China: 1990;

Suitable for: financial senior management, financial supervisor, etc. Because it is a full English test paper, it is necessary to have a good English foundation. There are 14 subjects in the international unified examination. If you get CPA, you can exempt from five subjects;

Employment fields: foreign-funded enterprises, banks, investment, securities, insurance, etc;

Number of certified persons: less than 200 people in the country and more than 100000 people in the world;

Prospect prediction: after entering WTO, accounting will become an international common language. ACCA pays attention to the foundation, and encourages the development of personality. Holding ACCA, you have the golden key to open the door of professional development.

CIA is not only the symbol of international internal audit experts, but also the only recognized professional qualification in the international audit field.

Time of entering China: 1999;

Suitable for: internal audit, financial management personnel, etc;

Employment fields: accounting firms, etc;

The number of people certified: 3000 to 4000 in China and about 100000 in the world;

Prospect prediction: if you are admitted to the CIA, you will get lifelong recognition from the international internal audit community. CIA can not only become a stepping stone to excellent enterprises to get high salary, but also a pass to high-level decision-making.

CISA(Certified Information Systems Auditor)Certification
Information system auditors, referred to as IT auditors, are members of the International Information System Audit and Control Association (spoto ISACA), the only professional organization of information system auditors in the world.

Time of entering China: 2001;

Suitable for: information system construction and maintenance personnel, information director of large enterprises, financial director, etc. the test paper is in English;

Employment fields: quite extensive, including the world’s top five accounting companies, senior consulting companies, large professional software companies, etc., covering the financial, management and IT industries;

The number of people certified: less than 10 in China and about 20000 in the world;

Prospect prediction: in foreign countries, IT audit is the most popular talent, and people with CISA certification are worth a lot of money. With CISA certification, it is equivalent to “Leaping over the dragon’s gate”.

CGA (Canadian CPA)
The CGA title is an internationally recognized qualification for accountants to work in finance in Canada and around the world.

Time of entering China: 1993;

Suitable for: members of Chinese certified public accountants, financial personnel of foreign enterprises, financial supervisors of listed companies, etc. Bachelor degree or above, passing CGA examination and more than two years of relevant working experience are required to be certified;

Employment fields: financial director, enterprise director, CEO and CEO Assistant, etc;

The number of people certified: about 200 in China and more than 60000 in the world;

Prospect prediction: CGA makes you become the industry elite with its undoubted international credibility.

PMP (project management professional)Certification
PMP is a project management professional certificate initiated by PMI. PMI has developed a project management method that has been recognized globally, and its project management qualification examination has become the authority certification in the field of project management.

Time of entry into China: 2000;

Suitable for: anyone with 3-5 years of project management experience can take the examination. The process of everything can be defined as a project and is extremely adaptable. At the same time, the English, German, French, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese language tests were adopted. The paper is compared with Chinese and English in China;

Employment fields: project managers of major enterprises, etc;

Number of certified persons: 200 people in the country and more than 30000 people in the world;

Prospect prediction: project management profession has become the “gold occupation” in the United States. In China, PMP certification is called one of the three gold signs after MBA and MPA.

WBSA (Business Planner certification)
The World Federation of business planners is a world expert organization with the core purpose of excavating, cultivating, serving and developing professional talents of business planners and developing business planning industry in an all-round way. WBSA Certified Business Planner series is internationally recognized. There are three levels of WBSA certification: Registered Business Planner (Senior), Assistant Business Planner (intermediate) and planner (Junior).

Time of entering China: 1999;

Suitable for: according to different levels, the requirements are not the same. Senior requirements: organize and plan at least one case, and submit 5 business principles; Intermediate level requires creative participation in at least one project; The primary level requires at least one technical participation in a case, and the combination of direct certification and examination certification is adopted;
Employment fields: all walks of life need business planning talents;

The number of people certified: about 80 in China;

Prospect prediction: it’s a trivial matter to pay attention to the training of quality and practical ability, but it reflects a person’s creativity, which often enables you to surpass those theoretical talents in business.

HIAA (medical insurance certification)
HIAA is the abbreviation of Health Insurance Association of America. It is an industry organization of American medical insurance. It aims to promote medical insurance education program.

Time of entering China: 2000;

Suitable for: in the face of medical, economic and legal personnel with medical insurance knowledge background, all English papers;

Employment fields: medical insurance company, etc;

The number of people certified: more than 10 in China;

Prospect prediction: the competition of insurance industry will be fierce in the future. If there is some professional knowledge, it will increase the chips of competition, and HIAA will be popular after entering WTO.

CCIM (US registered business investor)
CCIM certification is sponsored by the American commercial real estate investment Association to train real estate professionals to meet the needs of foreign companies, especially real estate investment companies.

Suitable for: real estate practitioners, intermediary agents, investment consultants, asset managers, appraisers, property managers, etc. with rich real estate experience;

Employment field: real estate industry;

The number of people certified: at present, the number of people in China is still small;

Prospect prediction: the doctor who is regarded as a real estate industry in the United States is a symbol of professional authority, and also highly respected in other countries.



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