Manage Sanitary Napkin Disposal with Sanitary Napkin Incinerator

Sanitary Napkin incinerator

Menstrual health awareness is on the rise. It is because of this that the number of circulation of sanitary napkins has gone up. More and more people are being prompted to use sanitary napkins these days because they have long term benefits and help in preventing various sorts of diseases and discomfort that accompanies one when products other than sanitary napkins are used. This is why more and more efforts are being undertaken so that sanitary napkins may be used. However, one very crucial problem is being overlooked here and that is of menstrual waste management. And this is a problem that Microteknik has come up with! But before that, let us try and understand the basic aspects of the problem.

Well, what we often tend to overlook is that, no matter what, sanitary napkins are not exactly bio-degradable. Why is it believed to be so? Think for example, 100 used sanitary napkins are disposed of everyday in your locality. The time taken for those 100 used sanitary napkins to decompose will not be fast enough, so that a fresh ground is ready the next day, where another 100 sanitary napkins might be deposited. Thus, the waste keeps on piling up – the more it piles, the more difficult it gets to get rid of it. And this is exactly why the menstrual waste disposal system in India is in shambles since the number in use is on a rise, but the proper disposal mechanism is not in place. Due to delayed decomposition, used sanitary napkins are becoming a breeding ground for various kinds of diseases and it is because of this an alternative means of disposal needs to be found out. So, what is that alternative mean?

It is a Sanitary Napkin Burner from Microteknik

So, what is it basically? It is a machine that will, as the name suggests, help you to burn your sanitary napkin. What you will have to do is basically, instead of throwing away the used napkin in a dustbin, you will have to throw it in the burner or the incinerator and it will burn the entire thing. Suppose you have a used sanitary napkin. What will you typically do? Wrap it in a newspaper and throw it away along with your garbage, which will then be taken to the dump yard, where it will become a breeding ground for diseases. So, instead of doing that, when you have a sanitary napkin incinerator from Microteknik, you do not throw it away, you put it in the machine and the machine with the help of electrical energy, will burn the entire thing and free you of the worry of cleaning and disposing used sanitary napkins. This is something that can be used by anyone and everyone and hence when it comes to dealing with menstrual waste, this is the first step that needs to be adopted.

How to incorporate the use of Microteknik sanitary napkin incinerators?

Well, to begin with, you need to remember that we are all prey to habit, we have always been taught that wrapping up a used sanitary napkin and disposing it of in the garbage is the right way to go about it. But as and when consciousness about pollution and awareness is on the rise, we realize that this is not the best way possible and hence, this calls for a change in our habit. So, instead of placing dustbins, we need to make sure that we have incinerators in place. The best part about Microteknik incinerators are that these are extremely small machines, in which one needs to place a used sanitary napkin at a time and burn them once the switch is on. You will not have to do anything other than putting the napkin in and then the machine will do its job.

So how can you make it a part of your daily life? Well, you can start by installing one in your home. Keep it in or near your bathroom so that you do not have to carry the soiled napkin much and put it inside the sanitary napkin disposal machine, which will help in getting rid of it permanently. It will be burnt to a pulp even before you know it! If we place this machine in our homes, public washrooms and shared toilets in workspaces or educational institutes, this will go a long way in curbing the menstrual wastage the entire country has to deal with. While sanitary napkin machines are being installed in various places of the country, similarly, these disposal machines, need to be placed as well, which will help one not only gain access when needed but also dispose it off properly, without harming the environment.

Well, if you want to buy one, it is best to get it online from Microteknik. We offer an excellent delivery time with only quality parts being used to make the machines, which guarantee long term usage. So invest in a Microteknik sanitary napkin Incinerator and take a step forward towards and a cleaner and greener environment!


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