Choosing the Right Connecticut Employment Lawyer


Have you suffered discrimination at work in Connecticut? No matter how small the case may seem, you need to consider the legal options. Unless you have expert insights on the subject, you cannot decide whether you should pursue further action. Yours could be a case of “quid pro quo” sexual harassment or wrongful termination, and given that each case is unique in numerous ways, hiring a Connecticut employment lawyer becomes more than necessary. We have a few pointers below on choosing the right attorney.

  1. Check online. Most law firms and employment lawyers have websites these days, and you can find more details on websites like Nolo and Avvo. Google also has ready listings of local lawyers in Connecticut. The idea is to make a shortlist of at least three to four options. If you know friends and family members who have worked with employment attorneys in the past, get references.
  2. Schedule a no-obligation consultation. Many law firms offer free consultations for clients, and this could be a great way to get a review of your case. Meet a lawyer to know whether you have a case and how you can gather and preserve evidence. They will also tell you about your rights and the various steps that are necessary at the given point.
  3. Discuss the fee. Depending on the nature of the case, an employment lawyer may charge an hourly rate, a fixed charge, or a contingency fee. Cases involving harassment and discrimination often drag on for a long time, and therefore, you may not have an exact estimate on day one. However, insist that the lawyer gives you a ballpark figure so that you can figure out the finances.
  4. Ask about their experience. A case of sexual harassment is different than that of age discrimination, and you need an employment lawyer who has experience in similar lawsuits. Ask the attorney about the top cases they have settled and check whether they have been to court for trials. Not all lawyers can claim that they have handled all kinds of discrimination cases.
  5. Comfort is key. The first meeting with an employment lawyer is often an eye-opener of sorts. You need to consider whether you feel comfortable around the attorney. An attorney who doesn’t have the time to answer your questions or isn’t empathetic enough is certainly not the right person for your case.

Finally, do ask the lawyer for a few references, and don’t forget to check online reviews of shortlisted employment lawyers.



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