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Anybody who uses computer networks and has ever tried figuring out a router knows the number sequence of For understanding the importance of this particular sequence, it is vital to remember the basics of computer networking. Every device (such as a laptop) that connects with the global internet network gets a numerical value or label for identification as well as location purposes. This numerical value is the Internet Protocol or IP address that forms the basis of different devices interacting with each other in the global internet network. 

Just like every computer or laptop has its distinct and unique IP address, every router or modem also has its differentiating IP address. The numerical sequence of is a private IP address used in a default way by many routers for accessing and regulating the router admin panel.

Importance Of

Since everybody is using the internet nowadays and there are billions of internet users worldwide, it is but obvious that there would exist a coherent system to oversee the way these devices interact with each other and avoid chaos of any kind. Two such organizations are -Internet Engineering Task Force and Internet Assigned Numbers Authority. While IETF focuses on the promotion of internet standards, IANA looks at IP address allocation globally. These organizations included among the private IP addresses for use by routers or private networks. 

The crucial part of using this IP address is for accessing and modifying the internal settings of different routers. Some of the router companies using this IP address for their admin panel are TP-Link, Alcatel, Aztech, Linksys, Westell, and Motorola.

One more important thing to remember about this block of private IP addresses is that nobody can access these devices in the public domain and only devices on this network can interact with each other. The millions of websites on the world wide web use a different block of public IP addresses. Simply put, the numerical sequence of is useful for routers and modems to identify themselves on a private network.

How to Login To

Step 1- Open the web browser url

Step 2- In the search bar, write or and press ‘Enter’

Step 3- Welcome to the admin panel of the router, it will ask for username and password

Step 4- New users logging here for the first time should input the default username and password shown on the box of the router. Others should input their personalized username and password.

Step 5- Success. If not, look at the ‘troubleshoot’ section.

The advantages of accessing the admin panel of router or modem using this private IP address is that the user can change or modify plenty of settings, including: –

-The IP address of the router itself

-The IP address assigned by the router to the laptop or computer

-Set up a new username-password combination and discard the factory-setting default for better security

-Look at other devices connected to the private network and block anonymous users or suspicious devices that may be hackers trying to gain entry.

Every router is shipped from the factory with a bunch of default settings. While it suffices for most normal users to let the default settings be, some advanced users may want to modify these settings for increased security. And accessing the router or modem admin panel through the use of private IP address assures this step of personalization or increased security.

If this process seems a tedious task, you can call us 24×7 at our tech support no 123456789for quick setting.

Problems While Accessing

The most common problems for users while trying to access the admin panel of their router or modem are: –

-Time out

-Link not working

-The link took too long to respond

-The link is unreachable

In all such cases, the user needs to do some basic troubleshooting for accessing the admin panel and modifying their router or modem credentials. Even a basic internet user can take advantage of these easy steps.

Troubleshooting Access Problems For

For those trying to open the admin control panel for their router by using the sequence and not getting success, here are some ways to troubleshoot: –

  • Check the spelling as it is very common for people to input ‘I’ or ‘L’ instead of ‘1’ in
  • Check the connection of ethernet cable with the computer or laptop as sometimes the connection success depends on the ethernet cable connection alone
  • Try resetting the router to factory-reset by pressing on the small reset button, usually at the back of the machine. This simplifies the process of accessing the admin panel. 
  • Check if the firewall or a powerful antivirus configuration is blocking the connection, disable it temporarily if needed.
  • Sometimes the IP address is different. In such a case, go to the ‘command’ prompt, type ‘ipconfig’ in the search bar, and then look at the ‘default gateway’ line of the results. This is the IP address to use in the internet browser search bar for accessing the admin panel.

If you are facing any problem while logging in, and these troubleshoot tips are not helping, call us at 123456789Our tech support team is 24×7 available to resolve such issues.


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